It is thrilling to witness how a work done in watercolor on paper, can diversify and reach through other materials, to different audiences. I think that From Artist to Artist presents an innovative proposal to the art world. As an artist, I like the idea of immersing myself in projects that involve creative exploration, and cross-genre development. Art is something that should be shared and what better way than this.”


Art is a powerful thing. Whether it’s painting or dancing, it has a way bringing people together around the world. From Artist to Artist is a perfect example of this. I am thrilled to be able to extend my artistic passion with another group of artists from a different genre. The main purpose of my work is to evoke emotion with movement, what better way to do this then to work with the masters of movement.”


From Artist to Artist is an exceptional leotard company with exquisite dancers as models. I was overjoyed to be part of such a wonderful company that is combining excellent materials with strong, magnetic dancers.”


I was honored when Lorena asked me to do a photoshoot for From Artist to Artist because I love the mission of this company. It’s a great to platform for artists to share knowledge and collaborate.”


I absolutely LOVE From Artist To Artist! On top of their products being gorgeous with amazing quality, the founders of the company are the sweetest and most hard working people I know! They produce beautiful leotards with unique patterns, while also being top quality! This company is also an amazing way for artists to be discovered, whether it’s a painter that creates the art or the dancer that wears the leotards. I already have three and I definitely plan on buying more!! I love absolutely everything about From Artist To Artist, it is the most incredible dance-wear company out there!”

JULIA FINCH - Customer

I was so excited to be asked to collaborate with FromArtist2Artist; from the age of 5 until 18 years old I studied all types of dancing. It was a major part of my life and a real passion of mine. So to be able to combine an old passion with my current passion of art was beyond exciting for me. I also love the concept of this business; bringing together different artistic minds to create something beautiful and emotive.”


Beautiful leotards and a beautiful concept that brings artists together!  The quality is superb and the customer service the best I have experienced!  Not to mention that when you buy these leotards you are supporting various artists at once.”


Excellent customer service. Both From Artist To Artist owners were so helpful and kind during the process whole process of selecting prints and adequate size for my daughter. The leotards are simply spectacular and they really created a very original concept. The fabrics are excellent quality and the colors and prints are very eye catching and vibrant. We are super pleased with my daughter’s new leotards.”

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