Tania Palomeque

Tania Palomeque Guirao from Barcelona, Spain, moved to New York City in 2011 to continue her studies as a dancer at The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre School. Her passion for photography started when she was 17. As soon she moved to the United States photography wasn’t a hobby anymore it became another way for her to express her Art. Tania assisted different photographers in NYC, David Silverberg, Nelson Cintron and Gil Rivera at the Lektra Photo Studios. From this exceptional experience she began creating and developing headshots/portfolios for artists. She has collaborated with Valleto Dance Company, Dardo Galleto Dance, Sidra Bell Dance New York and Jennifer Archibald. For the past 2 years she has been working as a photographer and dancer for the Producer, Artistic Director, Choreographer, Coach and Teacher Sonia Dawkins. She also works as a photographer with Valleto Dance Company, Dardo Galleto Dance and BOCA TUYA Dance Company. 2017 was Tania’s first self produce Gallery presentation with EMPIRE PRODUCTIONS, “ In Motion Expo” located at Dardo Galleto Studio “In Motion Expo” presented choreographers, dancers, fashion designers, musicians and singers, painters and more. It brought to life the images that were exposed by recreating the moment in the gallery from when it was captured. Currently, Tania is collaborating with the Artistic Director Sonia Dawkins for a Gallery Show on the Fifth anniversary of The Magnus Park Gallery on Seattle 2019.

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