James Diaz

James Diaz was born and raised in New York City. He joined The United States Marine Corp in 1998 and while enlisted he traveled the world. James started taking photos in order to capture the adventures he was on and purchased a 35mm (film) camera; at that moment his love for photography began. James joined The New York City Police Department in 2004 and graduated the Police Academy in January of 2005. About 10 years ago, he purchased his first DSLR camera and started to take pictures as a hobby at events for family and  friends. At that time, he continued to travel and document the adventures life had to offer through photography. James became inspired by a good friend and decided to pursue photography professionally because it became more than a hobby. He invested on better camera equipment to guide his passion and this is when James Diaz Photography was created.  Memories are moments that tell our story and photography inspires him to make every picture come to life in its own way.

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