Urvashi Patel

Urvashi is originally from India, but now settled in the United Kingdom.
Her inspiration comes from anything around her, but nature plays an important role in it. She often finds herself staring at clouds, trees, and birds for hours. She loves how the wind on her face feels and the feeling of seeing sun in the mornings. It could be a thought or just feelings. Urvashi feels that nature has its own rhythm. She is just listening to it and dancing with it.
Prints, patterns and colours tell stories. She wants her art to inspire others to embrace their uniqueness and awesomeness. Her work is known for its bright colours that are uplifting and joyful, abstract brush works in digital medium. She paints with pixels using a digital medium. It’s just like any other medium, many possibilities. She has painted in watercolours, acrylics, gouache, coloured pencils, and currently finding her joy in digital medium.

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