Anke Ryba

Anke Ryba is a self-taught artist located in Baden-Württemberg Germany. Her works are collected in Europe and she has been featured at various galleries and exhibitions throughout Germany, Switzerland and Portugal. She owns and manages her own Gallery. Anke Ryba‘s oeuvre is marked by solid compositions a mastery of technique, a use of color and visual language with which she achieves incredible depth.

“Anke Ryba herself best describes the intension of her art, her skill and her attitude to what she does. She says: “I paint out of the desire and the joy I get from doing! Dreams acquire a space without obscuring reality. For me, that means relaxing and permitting emotion. I also want to get to know the effect of colours and the influence of chance. Seeing and feeling colours is life – a key to the soul! “It’s hard to add anything to that!“ – Günter Weiber.

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