Worldwide Virtual Photoshoot

Costa Rica, Los Angeles, Berlin, and Toronto

Marcela Cascante, Lorena Pérez, Angelica Gamboa, Alhana Morales, Maria Jose Gonzalez, Katherina Madriz, Ronald Hidalgo, Bianca Calderon, Brianna Calderon, Maria Jose Marin, Alessia Di Bartolo, Andrea Jimenez. 

Anke Ryba, Ana Beatriz Sanchez, Rachel Camilleri, Ve Boisvert. 

Tatiana Marin

Our Worldwide Virtual Photoshoot project was created as a collaboration between Costa Rican photographer Tatiana Marín, and FA2A artists around the world (including Costa Rica, Los Angeles, Berlin, Toronto.) 

This project was born as a way to keep connecting, creating and experimenting during these difficult months of the COVID-19 pandemic, but most importantly as a way to raise funds for Lifting Hands, Costa Rica. As a consequence of COVID-19, many families supported by this organization have lost their jobs and thus, their resources to fulfill basic needs. Therefore, our main focus was to gather the artistic community together and raise funds in order to donate 100% of these to more than 150 Costa Rican families heavily affected by COVID-19. 

From Artist to Artist is beyond grateful for all the artists around the world who supported our Worldwide Virtual Photoshoot project. We would like to express our gratitude and deep appreciation for FA2A photographer Taty for investing her time to help create these magical shots and donating all funds collected to those in need. 

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