Veronica Saenz

Verónica Saenz was born and raised in Costa Rica and has been dancing all her life. She started dancing at the age of two, training in ballet and jazz. As she progressed, her dance teachers started to encourage her to learn other styles. Now she dances ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, ballroom and hip hop. She started competing nationally and internationally at the age of seven. In her five years of competition she has gone to several dance conventions, such as: Jump, Hype, Intrigue, Radix, among others. At the age of eight she won a jazz, contemporary, and lyrical scholarship in Jump. At the age of ten she won both platinum in her solo at Hype and a Scholarship for Radix Nationals at Radix Las Vegas. In Radix Orlando, she won a Scholarship for DancerPalooza and Mini Core Performer.

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